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O2 Business

Green Savings Calculator

Understand and quantify the potential annual carbon, costs, and time-related savings that could be achieved through flexible home working.

The O2 Green Savings Calculator is for illustrative purposes only. Its results are based on a range of general assumptions and publicly available data, so should not be solely relied upon for any important decision making within your business. O2 accepts no responsibility for any liability that may be incurred as a result of decisions made on the basis of the results provided.

General Information

If you have multiple locations across the UK please choose ‘nationwide’.

Flexible Home Working

This number will help us to compare the results with a ‘business as usual’ figure. Please exclude any employees that already work from home full time or those who could not work from home, such as retail staff.

O2 Business

Green Savings Calculator

Business Trips

If you don’t know, we’ll calculate an average for you.

Business Trips

O2 Business

Green Savings Calculator


This includes any company or Grey Fleet vehicles (personal vehicles that are used for business purposes).

O2 Business

Green Savings Calculator

Office Rationalisation

Increasing the number of employees working remotely may allow for a reduction in the size of your office.

Green Savings Report







this equates to:

Trees planted

For the full breakdown of your results, including where your business could see savings and the impact on your employees, submit your email address below. The full report will then be available for download

* The email address you provide will only be used by out O2 Business Sales representatives to contact you to discuss the results of the Green Savings Calculation